WordPress To Back Up After The Attacks From China

Publication of Washington, DC-normal WordPress blog platform on Sunday after suffering cyber attacks believed to have originated in China.

WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg says TechCrunch, is the technology that Silicon Valley WordPress blog, the first Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks began Thursday and continued Friday.

In a typical DDoS attack, a large number of computers at the same time ordered to visit a site, overwhelming its servers, slower service or hitting off-line completely.

WordPress, which powers millions of websites, said it had been hit by "very large" DDoS "hitting the links in some cases."

TechCrunch Mullenweg says that 98 percent of attacks during the two days is from China and probably "politically motivated."

He said one of the favorite places was the exploitation of Chinese-language site in WordPress, which also seems to be blocked in China search engine Baidu. He did not identify the site.

pirates operating in China have often been accused of cyber attacks, including a penetration rate of computers in a widely publicized in 2009 that Google has led the Internet giant to stop censoring its search engine in China.

Google said that cyber attacks from China, including attempts to access the email accounts of Chinese human rights activists worldwide.

U.S. computer company McAfee said last month that Chinese hackers have also infiltrated the computer networks of global oil companies, stealing financial documents calling plans and other confidential information.

According to the American diplomatic records produced and released by Wikileaks believes that the United States that Chinese leaders led campaigns by Google hacking computers and Western governments.

A single cable, the U.S. embassy in Beijing said the learned "relationship with China" that the Politburo had brought the computers to hacking, the United States and its allies and the Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama.